Travel Without Visa for Indian nationals



Indian passport holders can take advantage of the visa on arrival facility offered by 59 countries from around the world. An Indian passport holder can visit any of these nations and obtain the visa while entering. While most of these countries offer visa on arrival facility to Indian passport holders, certain counties may require a permit, e-visa, invitation letter, etc. for entry. In any case, these are the countries which you can visit without applying for a visa prior to the travel itself

According to the Global Power Index 2017, Indian passport has ranked at 75th position. The top countries on the list have the liberty of most visa benefits across the globe. Indian passport holders can visit the following countries without a visa since they can obtain a visa on arrival:



2.Bhutan-No Visa

3.Bolivia-Visa on Arrival

4.Cambodia-Visa on Arrival

5.Cape Verde-Visa on Arrival

6.Comoros-Visa on Arrival

7.Cote d’Ivoire-eVisa

8.Djibouti-Visa on Arrival

9.Dominica-No Visa

10.Ecuador-No Visa

11.El Salvador-No Visa

12.Ethiopia-Visa on Arrival

13.Fiji-No Visa



16.Grenada-No Visa

17.Guinea-Bissau-Visa on Arrival

18.Guyana-Visa on Arrival

19.Haiti-No Visa

20.Indonesia-Visa on Arrival

21.Jamaica-No Visa

22.Jordan-Visa on Arrival


24.Laos-Visa on Arrival

25.Madagascar-Visa on Arrival

26.Maldives-Visa on Arrival

27.Mauritania-Visa on Arrival

28.Mauritius-No Visa

29.Micronesia-No Visa



32.Nepal-No Visa

33.Palau-Visa on Arrival


35.Saint Kitts and Nevis-No Visa

36.Saint Lucia-Visa on Arrival

37.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-No Visa

38.Samoa-Permit on Arrival

39.São Tomé and Príncipee-eVisa

40.Senegal-Visa on Arrival

41.Seychelles-Visa on Arrival

42.Somalia-Visa on Arrival

43.Sri Lanka-No Visa but special permit required

44.Tanzania-Visa on Arrival

45.Thailand-Visa on Arrival

46.Togo-Visa on Arrival

47.Timor-Leste-Visa on Arrival

48.Trinidad and Tobago-No Visa

49.Tuvalu-Visa on Arrival

50.Uganda-Visa on Arrival

51.Vanuatu-No Visa



54.Antartica-Visa on Arrival

55.FYRO Macedonia-No Visa

56.Svalbard-No Visa

57.Montserrat-No Visa

58.Turks & Caicos Islands-No Visa

59.Qatar-No Visa